July 29, 2015

A New Design

random picture I took that has nothing to do with this post

HELLO! So, I have been very inspired lately. I helped my friend design two of her blogs (here and here) and then  my sister re-design her blog and I helped her with codes (find it here) and then my youngest sister got a blog and I helped her design that blog. (I would give you a link, but it's private.)
So, in the midst of all this blog designing, I looked at my blog and thought. Ok, it's time for a change. Now, I think that I have only had this design for a couple months, and believe it or not that is a long time to keep a blog design for me. My head is full of  ideas and I cant wait to get started!!!
But, then again...
Part of me wants to keep this old design...
So, ahem, what do you all think?

July 27, 2015

P U P P I E S ! ! !

Hello, Peoples! My friend's dog, Sadie, had puppies. Oh, man. Ten, guys, ten puppies. They hadn't opened their eyes yet. They couldn't see, they couldn't walk, they couldn't hear (aren't their ears so tiny and cute?), they were just good at being adorable and waddling around.

^Look at that face....

This may have been my favorite picture. Look at those paws? They are just soooooo cute.

Hope you've enjoyed this little puppy post!

July 21, 2015

Free Prints // Mobile Wallpaper

oh, hey.
SO, today I have a collection of prints/mobile wallpaper for you all. Some are hand drawn, and another one is one of my photos (edited), the other's are my photos + text. You may print them out and put 'em in a frame, tape 'em to the wall, or you can use them as wallpaper on your phone, or iPod.
It's a Lovely Day to be Happy, light
It's a Lovely Day to be Happy, dark
 Birdie Wallpaper
Girl + Rain, light
Girl + Rain, dark
// to save to your computer // right click // save image//
you may use these prints on your site as long as you reference back to this blog.
Would you like to see more posts like this?
Be sure to tell me which print was your favorite, and what you used it for!

July 3, 2015

Kitten In A Basket


A few photos of my friends cat sleeping in a basket.
Possibly the cutest cat ever.

July 2, 2015

Lydia Grace {portrait photography}


Hello everyone. How are you? It's been awhile. I hope you enjoy this post of pictures. My little sister is an amazing model. There were more photos from this photo-shoot. Would you like to see them? If so please comment.

 Happy 4th of July.