June 15, 2015

t r a v e l e r no. 2


This weekend we went to a conference--and I know what you're thinking.
I saw goats in those pictures.
Haha, wellll, we also went to this historic waterfall place that had a mini petting zoo. That's what happens when you have a Dad like mine. Yup. We went to two of the cutest little restruants ever. And it was so much fun. I hope you've enjoyed this overload of pictures. Tell me in the comments if you did. ☺

June 10, 2015

{DIY} paper boxes + art inspiration

When I was little we had mail system at our church. Every week we would give each other a bunch of letters and each letter had a day marked on it and we would read the letter on that day. The mail system went from being just letters to having catalogs and newspapers that we would write ourselves. We had our own fake money, and we made each other things from our 'catalog'.
        One of our friends made fake little tea bags for doll tea parties and delivered them in the cutest little paper boxes. I loved those paper boxes and wanted to make my own, but I never found out how. ok, end of story.
      So, just recently I found out how to make 'em (I was so excited and I made about a dozen, actually I didn't but... it sounded cool).
But...anyways, I thought I'd share the love and show you how to make them. I mean you probably already know how, BUT this will (hopefully) inspire you. ☺
paper (preferably a solid, thick paper)
paper for the inside of your box (preferably patterned thick(ish) paper)
a head (I promise you will need one for this!)

step one:
First your going to want to cut out a square of paper. I was very good and recycled a paper bag. Haha, no, but you can use whatever you want. ☺
step two:
Fold your paper in quarters and then unfold it and fold it diagonally both ways.
step three:
Take two corners and fold them into the middle as shown above ^^

step four:
 After you have made two triangles take the edges of those triangles and fold them all the way into the middle.
step five:
Unfold everything. Yup, I know it's sad.

step six:
Oh, dear me. This is the hardest part. Ok, so now I'm going to teach you how to turn your square of paper into a box...
I've already done one side as shown above.
Your going to take the edges of your paper were you want the box edge to be and pinch them towards the middle.

...and then pull the paper that will be your 'wall of the box' up and form two triangles on either side
 step eight:
now all you have to do is fold that big flappy part over. ☺
 step nine:
trace the bottom of your box on patterned paper, and then put that piece of patterned paper inside the box.
and your done with the bottom of the box!!! ☺
So, for the top it is all the same, except step four, instead of folding them all the way into the middle leave a tiny bit of space.
All done!
I hope you've enjoyed this post! If you'd like more DIY posts, comment below!

June 4, 2015

My Journey | I have had eczema since I was three months old

Hello there! Wait--hold on.
Disclaimer: My last post was about how this is a photography blog and here I am writing about my eczema.
So, my sister encouraged me to write about my eczema, I was kinda scared to do this, but here I am writing about it.

I have had eczema since I was three months old. Really, really bad eczema. We don't exactly know why I have eczema, we hoped I would grow out of it... but here I am thirteen and I still have it and it is just as bad as it ever was.
It's terribly itchy, it hurts, it bleeds... but I know that there's a reason I have this minor physical disability (hey....what else am I supposed to call it?).
I think that God has taught me patience through having eczema.
It looks bad--I've learned to ignore it.
Like I said I have had eczema since I was three months old. My mom and I have tried everything from creams to ointments. We started hearing about GAPS and Paleo, and when I was 11 we decided to try it.

And I've been jumping between Paleo and GAPS since then. I think it's helped, more internally then externally.
Being grain free has certainly been challenging...
But God's given me an awesome family and great friends to encourage me and help me.
A couple months ago I found that a family friend prays for me everyday, I was so encouraged and it almost felt like I could feel her prayers for me every day.

My main purpose for writing this post was to encourage those of you who experience pain of all sorts.
there will be a time when there will be no
and no