February 26, 2016

I'm Very Tired of Winter { + photos }

I am very tired of winter and today I thought I smelled spring, but it is so far away and perhaps it was only a breeze blowing from the south.

1. a snowy forest
2. missy and I
3. a cold sister
4. a puppy nose

February 18, 2016

It's my Blog's First Birthday

       Hey, everyone! Today, (or maybe it was yesterday...or...the day before) is my blog's first birthday!
So, here's just my little blogging story for you all :)

Ever since I was little, I loved creating. Whether it was making little doll dresses for my dolls, knitting strange misshapen scarves, or painting, I loved making things. I used to ask my dad if I could take pictures with his camera and when I was ten I got my own little blue camera. I loved that camera so much, and it broke my heart when I broke it. (Hehe, I know, I broke it). When I turned thirteen I got a nicer, newer camera. I love it, and I still use it for all the photos you see on this blog.
I think I was around eleven when my sisters and I started The Craft Bag, it was a fun little blog that was all about crafts, and I was the one who mostly made all the posts. :) 
Even though I loved The Craft Bag, I really wanted something that was my very own. My little creative outlet. I wanted it to be about photography, not only crafts. So, I started this blog. 
    I wanted something unique and cute, but also professional. After lots of brain storming (at one point I wanted to name my blog, The Yellow Dot, or 101 Purple Roses) I decided to name my blog Carabelle, which is my dad's name for me. The first month or so of blogging I called my blog, Carabelle: a dreamer, but after awhile I dropped the dreamer and added 'the' and 'blog' (ya know, The Carabelle Blog).
Nothing specific, I plan to keep blogging and sharing the photos that I take. :) I would like to make my blog a little more professional and maybe turn it into some kind of business.

February 15, 2016

Little Birdies

It snowed and was so beautiful today.
Hope you enjoyed these little photos of these little birdies.
Have a lovely week!