December 21, 2015

Adventure to the Mountains

It's kinda hilarious. I've named this post "Adventure to the Mountains", and true, we were staying on a mountain, but these pictures are going to be of little book shops, mostly.
 oh the joys of mirrors...
But, anyways... last week my family and I ventured south...or east... (let's just say I don't really know) and stayed on a mountain. The plan was to go snow and no we went to an indoor waterpark and a zip line and went into to town and shopped. It was a ton of fun, and I have pictures to prove it.

December 10, 2015

It's Been a Lovely November

Hello, you lovely reader. I'm back. After just about a month of not posting I'm back.
November was one of the most busiest months this year. Thanksgiving, my birthday, family, & friends. School has also been a headache, but for the most part I have really enjoyed my little 8th grade year so far. (But, of course that doesn't mean that I'm happy--more than happy--to be on break.)

Oh, yeah, and I said that my birthday is in November. So, for that my mom took me and my sister out to a Bed & Breakfast.
It was a blast, the B & B was yellow (which of course made me happy) and the actual breakfast was so yuuuummmmyyy (corn hash & poached eggs).
 One of the shops we found

 the outside of a little shop

I found a brick wall (my little sister took this picture of me)
 A new friend

 those eyes, though

 for my birthday I got some pretty awesome chucks--I absolutely love yellow--'nuff said

 I was part of the decorating crew for Thanksgiving--it was so much fun--and I drew all the placemats, 25 of them



How was your November?
Ah, yes, and now for Christmas.