June 14, 2016

Take Back to Spring {Those photos I never posted}

Hello, Lovelies!
Today I thought that I would post a post that I should have posted a long, long time ago.
Truth be told, I haven't taken too many photos lately, so I thought I would share some photos from early April.
So, are you ready for some flower-y photos?
1. the search for flowers

It was one of those cool, early spring days, were the flowers were blooming and my sister and I couldn't resist. Armed with scissors and mason jars, we walked around our neighborhood in search of flowers. 
2. Floral Arranging


On our front porch we arranged our floral findings into mason jars, making beautiful and natural bright bouquets.
3. Afternoon photo-shoot

4. My Happy Place {or what happened to all those flowers}
This, my friends, is what I like to call my happy place (I mean, look at that yellow clock!). This is were I do school and ya know other things...
I really hope you enjoyed this post (I  mean who doesn't love vintage yellow clocks and flowers?)
Have a very lovely day!

June 9, 2016

Hello, again! {Upcoming blogg-y plans!}

Hello, Readers!
How have you all been? I admit, I haven't posted in quite awhile (due to school and the business of life...) but, now that school is out, I hope to be sharing more photos!
Coming up:
1. Beach photos!
2. Spring flowers
3. Photos, photos photos!
Thank you so much for reading!