Oh, hey
I am so glad you're here. I'm Caroline, I love yellow. A weird introduction, yes, but It's true. I love yellow. I love taking pictures, I'll snap a photo of this and a photo of that.  I started a blog for this reason and have been loving it. 
I have an amazing family, I'm the middle child. I have two older siblings and two younger ones. (Okay, okay, maybe one of those younger siblings is my twin sister, but I still am seven minutes older then her. Yes, of course that counts.) Four girls, one boy. Each and everyone of my siblings inspire me everyday and I am so very thankful for them. My brother Zach, with his love for his savior and history. My sister Maddie, she can weave an enchanting story any day and inspires me with her art in storytelling and photography and music. My twin sister Emily, her passion for animals and music. We are a competitive team and I am ever so grateful for her always being by my side. My youngest sister Lydia, a listener, an artist, she is always there to give me advice on my outfits in the morning and is one of the coolest little lady out there. My dad, an adventurer, he goes from one thing to the next with a huge grin. He inspires me in so many ways. His special name for me, Carabelle, inspired this very blog. I'm a daddy's girl. My mom, I love my mom. She has taught me everything I know.  She is strong and amazing. Without my family I wouldn't  be who I am today. In order to know me, you must know my family.
I have an amazing Lord and Savior. I have a God, He saved me, is there for me, loves me, gave me everything I have, He made me. He sent His son to die for me. What amazing love. What a glorious amazing spectacular Father I serve.

This is me. This is my blog, I hope you come for inspiration. I hope you laugh when I try to sound funny. I hope you enjoy this corner of my heart.